I Know You're Sick Of Hearing About Marvel, But I Need More Ant-Man.

By Zach Smith-Michaels

Before there was Is It Really, the only way I could get my opinion out was by reviewing films on Medium. I go to the movie theater at least once a week. No lie. I used to review everything that I saw, and very rarely did people read these reviews. The only articles that had any traction were my reviews for Marvel films. I’m not kidding. Maybe that’s why I write about Marvel so much on this web page, but today’s article is more than click bait. This one comes from the heart.


I love Ant-Man. I’m aware that this is not the most popular opinion, but I absolutely love the Ant-Man films. They’re smaller in scale, funny, and in my opinion they contain emotion is more genuine than most Marvel films. When the first Ant-Man was theatrically released, people enjoyed it enough. When Ant-Man and the Wasp was released, the reception seemed to be a little more lukewarm. People didn’t hate it, but they felt that the film was a little light compared to Infinity War. Here’s my response to that criticism:


Ant-Man and the Wasp might be my favorite Marvel movie. I love the characters, the family themes, the wacky science, the Ex-Con team, I even love how goofy Walton Goggins is. I thought that we’d see the end of Ant-Man’s story with Endgame, but Endgame made me want something that I wasn’t expecting: I want a third Ant-Man movie. There was no other character that I was more interested in. Why? I’ve made a list:

  1. Scott’s friends in Ex-Con. What if they didn’t “blip” away? What if (similar to Tony Stark) the blip took out a large number of their competitors, making their company very successful? How does a security company respond to an event like the blip? How is Scott dealing with not being the leader anymore? We may even get some interesting conflict within the Ex-Con team!

  2. Cassie’s mom and step dad. Where were they in all of this? Has Cassie been just living on her own? Has she been living with friends? I have so many questions!

  3. Did Woo (Randall Park) blip out? If so, what does he think of Scott being the guy who got the Avengers to save the world? That is such a fun story element to play with!

  4. How’s Janet van Dyne doing? How is she dealing with being out of the quantum realm? Does she like Scott? Maybe Scott and Hope are engaged, but Hank doesn’t quite approve. Maybe Janet loves Scott and she has playful conflict with Hank.

  5. Most importantly, how are Scott and Cassie? This is the most interesting part of the story. When Scott entered the quantum realm, Cassie was a child and now she’s almost an adult. What is the dynamic of that relationship? There are endless possibilities and I would love to see what happens.

Guys, I really love Ant-Man, and I want more. I feel like Endgame sets up a third Ant-Man to be the best Marvel movie ever. I don’t even think you’d need a villain! I really hope that Marvel can see the potential that is available, and they that utilize the opportunity.