What Did I Watch This Week? The Social Network

by Zach Smith-Michaels


I’m currently directing a show at work. In the attempt of getting my actors to an appropriate emotional place, I like to play music in rehearsal. This week we were blocking and staging a particularly “heavy” scene. The song I chose was Hand Covers Bruise by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, which is from the movie The Social Network. With Oscar season on the horizon, and having First Man and mid90s freshly on my palette, I was looking for the Rolls Royce quality of film, and that is, of course, The Social Network.

It isn’t every film that can boast such a finely crafted work of art. Most films don’t have an incredibly acclaimed writer and an equally praised director at the helm. Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher certainly need no introduction. Even people outside the world of “film nerds” know who these men are, and even if they don’t know their names, they most certainly know their work. I suppose that the pairing of the A Few Good Men writer and the Fight Club director isn’t overtly obvious. They’re clearly masters of their craft, but their films tend to be vastly different. So what do these two geniuses make?

A movie about Facebook.

I remember that early on in The Social Network’s marketing campaign, people were dismissing it as “The Facebook Movie.” I certainly was. Once this film hit theaters, the buzz was undeniable. Everyone was talking about The Social Network.

To call this cast “eclectic” would be an understatement. Fincher was certainly playing with a full deck when it came to bringing Sorkin’s masterpiece to life. You have comedy guys, pop stars, the dean from the third Mighty Ducks film, an incredible cast! I feel like Now You See Me and Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice have possibly done irrefutable damage to Jesse Eisenberg’s career, but after re watching his performance as Zuckerberg, I’m hoping that he earns some redemption! What a career defining performance! This film should have been a game changer for Eisenberg! Justin Timberlake was a surprise delight. When I saw his name in the credits, I became nervous, yet Timberlake gives a performance that would make any number of A-list actors envious. I mean, I could go on about how great the acting is, but why? This cast is fantastic, and we all know it.

It would be remiss of me if I didn’t mention Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ stunning score! The score is very non-traditional in terms of film making, but man does it work. I find myself listening to this films soundtrack frequently. From the first note, you know that you’re about to get something special.

One of The Social Network’s greatest strengths is perhaps, the fact that the film doesn’t try to recreate the early 2000’s. This film avoids being a “nostalgia-fest” in that manner, the focus on the very important elements, but there’s no scene where Zuckerberg listens to Sum 41 and talks about how great The Two Towers is. The Social Network doesn’t need nostalgia. The Social Network doesn’t need the audience to love Facebook. All this movie needs in an audience, and I’m glad that it found a massive one.

The Social Network is definitely one of my favorites. I re watch the film at least once a year and you should too.