What Did I Watch This Week? The Disaster Artist

by Zach Smith-Michaels


I love The Room! Some of the fondest memories that I have with my best friends revolve around watching that film. You watch The Room, and you just can’t believe that this movie exists! I also am a huge fan of the book The Disaster Artist. That book is so entertaining, hilarious, and incredibly heartfelt. When I finished the book, I was actually bummed because I wanted it to keep going. I wanted more! In 2017 when I heard that James Franco was going to make a movie based on The Disaster Artist, I was sold. If you’ve read my mid90s review you probably can guess how much I love A24 as a studio, and any graduate from Freaks & Geeks. Upon my first (of three) viewing in the theater, I was pretty bummed when the movie ended…because I didn’t want The Disaster Artist to end. I would’ve watched a seven hour version of this movie, because it was incredible! One year later, I feel the same way.

This is a delightfully entertaining movie, but it’s also not afraid to punch you in the gut emotionally! The Disaster Artist is filled with incredible actors, and there isn’t a weak performance in the film! James Franco brought the humor, but also the heart. He really does feel like the real Tommy Wiseau! People have been making fun of Tommy for years, so the fact that James Franco was able to make Tommy a sympathetic character calls for high praise! Dave Franco does a very good job playing Greg Sestero. Dave plays Greg a little more naive than the book presents him, but I didn’t mind the movie taking a few liberties. The supporting cast is so great! Seth Rogen was really solid, and I thought that his chemistry with Paul Scheer was brilliant. Seeing Josh Hutcherson and Zac Efron in this movie together really made me chuckle. I loved seeing Nathan Fielder, Hannibal Buress, Kevin Smith, Jerrod Carmichael and so many talented other people in this movie!

James Franco proves himself to be a very capable and talented director. He makes you feel like you’re one of the people on the set. It doesn’t feel like you’re watching a movie, but rather experiencing the making of a truly awful film. This isn’t just a movie about a bad movie. The Disaster Artist is about dreams, friendship, confused aggression, and so much more! In 2016 La La Land taught us about the ones who dream. The Disaster Artist is about the dreamers who decided to do something with their dream. The film is shockingly inspiring! In a strange way, The Disaster Artist will make you want to go create something that’s personal and real.

As I’ve stated before, the film does take quite a few liberties. There were a few times were I thought “Well the book isn’t like that” but I do acknowledge that this is a different medium. The changes kept this film moving along at a very brisk pace, and you still understand all of the character’s motives.

This film was so incredibly entertaining. My mind never wandered and I was totally engaged from start to finish! This film had not a dull second, which is almost unbelievable. I would have watched a 14 hour version of this film. Every time I watch The Disaster Artist and the film begins winding down, I think “Oh no! It’s ending!” When that happens, you know you have something special.